Can the amenities chosen for the Phase 1 core be changed?

No, the amenities to be built in the Phase 1 core were approved with the Conceptual Design Plan (CDP) for the area, and construction drawings were completed.

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1. Where is Westphalia Central Park located, and where can the park be accessed?
2. How large will Westphalia Central Park Phase 1 be?
3. Who is responsible for the design and construction of Phase 1, and how were the amenities designed selected?
4. Can the amenities chosen for the Phase 1 core be changed?
5. How is the construction of the Phase 1 core construction being funded?
6. When will construction of the Phase 1 core begin?
7. Who will the advisory committee be comprised of?
8. Are the advisory committee members on the committee to see the park to completion, or are they term limited?
9. Who will represent Councilman Davis once his term in office ends?
10. When will the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreation begin the final phase of design of the amenities outside of the Phase 1 core?
11. Can residents submit input on the amenities outside of the core?
12. Who will be responsible for operating and maintain Westphalia Central Park?
13. Once the park is open to the public, will there be park police presence? Will the park be equipped with innovative safety technology (cameras and emergency call buttons) for visitors?
14. Is the "Cloud" structure still a feature of the park?
15. Will there be a good coverage of tree canopy? How mature will newly planted be?
16. Will there be areas with shade, especially for large public gatherings?
17. Will the park have any specialty themed amenities?
18. Will pets be allowed at the park?
19. Is the park sustainably designed?
20. Are tennis courts part of the Phase 1 core?
21. How many miles of walking trail will be constructed in Phase 1, and are they multi-use?
22. Will there be any sitting areas along the pond or trails?
23. Will the park be free to enter and use?
24. What will be the park hours?