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What is TransForM (Travel Demand Forecasting Model)?

TransForM is Prince George's County's proprietary Travel Demand Forecasting Model. It is used for the development of scenario-based modeling and model applications to support the transportation analysis of Master Plans and Sector Plans, and the Countywide Master Plan of Transportation.

The most recent version, TransForM 2.5, is a dynamic tour-based travel demand model that uses Trans CAD and TRANSIMS software. It is a Regional Model that covers the same Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Analysis Zones (TAZ) used by MWCOG. However, within the County, the MWCOGTAZs are subdivided into smaller geographic areas (PGTAZ zones) to provide more network detail, better analysis capabilities, and more accurate and localized results.

Model Development


The two primary inputs to the model are demand and supply. The demand is for detailed information about the number of households, number of people, and number of jobs by categories such as office, retail, industrial, and other. The supply is detailed as the roadways with their characteristics such as the number of lanes, facility types, use restrictions, and transit services such as transit routes and stops.