Pre-Application Conference

The Pre-Application Conference provides an opportunity for (1) the applicant to determine the submission requirements, procedures, and standards applicable to an anticipated development application; and (2) staff to become familiar with, and offer the applicant preliminary comments about the scope, features, and impacts of the proposed development as it relates to the standards in the Zoning Ordinance and/or the Subdivision Regulations. The Pre-Application Conference is intended to facilitate the application review process. Discussions are not binding and no final decision is made at a Pre-Application Conference.

Pre-Application Conferences are required for the following:

When is a Pre-Application Conference Required for 
Applications filed per the Prior Ordinance?
Application Scenario Required?
Application filed per a grandfathered CSP or CDP pursuant to the Transitional Provisions, Section 24-1703(b) or Section 27-1703(c) (continuing a project with approvals prior to April 1, 2022)Not Required
Application filed per any other grandfathered application pursuant to the Transitional Provisions, Section 24-1704 or Section 27-1704 (continuing a project with approvals prior to April 1, 2022)Not Required
Application filed for Development Pursuant to the Prior Ordinance, Section 24-1900 or Section 27-1900 (new application reviewed per prior Ordinance after April 1, 2022)Only required when being reviewed by Planning Board, per Section 27-1904(a)
Application filed pursuant to the current Ordinance (new application reviewed per current Ordinance after April 1, 2022)Required for applications listed in Section 24-3302(b) and Section 27-3401(b) (see above)

How to schedule  a Pre-Application Conference

Schedule a Pre-Application conference with Planning staff to get information and feedback on the development review process and your application prior to official submission.

Schedule using the new Pre-Application Conference online form and scheduler. Include the following in the request:

  • Project Narrative describing the scope of the proposed development
  • Property Boundary Survey
  • Conceptual Site Drawing of the proposed development

See Pre-Application Conference Requirements for more information about what to submit. 

**The pre-application conferences are for applicants, their team, and Prince George's County Planning Department staff only.

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