Dog Park Rules

Exercise and socialize your pet in a safe and clean environment! In the interest of human and dog safety and maintenance of a positive environment, patrons are expected to read and follow the rules below. Patrons are expected to interact with fellow park users to create a positive atmosphere for all types of dogs.

Dog Park Rules and Regulations

Violators of these rules are subject to criminal prosecution, civil citation, arrest, removal, suspension, or permanent banning from all M-NCPCC dog parks.

  1. Users assume all risk of harm. 
  2. Handlers are responsible for their dog at all times and must have immediate access to a leash.
  3. Handlers may not have more than three dogs at the park at one time.
  4. All dogs must be current on all vaccinations as required by state or local law; licensed with their respective local government; and have affixed to their collar an identification tag and current rabies tag. 
  5. Aggressive dogs, dogs in heat, or dogs that bark persistently, are prohibited. 
  6. Users must pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste. 
  7. Users are responsible for repairing/replacing any damage caused by them or their dog. 
  8. All dog or human food and glass containers are prohibited.
  9. All commercial use of any M-NCPPC dog park is prohibited, unless given prior written approval by the park’s director.
  10. Smoking or vaping is prohibited. 
  11. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  12. Unless otherwise posted, the dog park is open from dawn to dusk.

Other Things to Consider

  • A big dog park is generally intended to be for the use of big dogs, and a small dog park is generally intended to be used for small dogs. That doesn’t mean puppies (future big dogs) can’t be in the small dog park, or that small dogs can’t be in the big dog park. But you should understand that allowing your small dog to play in the big dog park may be putting them at a higher risk of injury or death. 
  • We have a civilian complaint process because we can’t be everywhere, but when people or their dogs are acting badly, we want to know about it. We also don’t want you to think that you have no recourse against bad dog- citizens and owners. If you want to fill out the form, but want to report it anonymously, you can, but that may impair our ability to do anything about it.  
  • If you have a dog that isn’t current on their shots, we really don’t want them in the park. If they’re a puppy under 4 months and haven’t had a chance to get all their shots yet, we generally believe they’re safer at home until they get a little bit older.  
  • We also think you should know how important the dog park system is to us. Did you know that it costs on average $500,000.00 or more to create and build a dog park? It also takes a lot of money per park, per year just to keep them maintained. The amount can be different depending on where the park is located and the type of ground the park is located on. We are constantly working to make our parks better, but it will help us a lot if you have any ideas to share with us:
  • We may post notices here, from time to time. You may find it helpful to check back in occasionally.  
  • We also want to keep the dog parks so everyone can enjoy them. We may suspend some attendees or ban them, depending on their and their dog’s behavior. We may also report bad dog behavior if we believe it violates other State, local, or municipal law. Below is our suspension/banning procedure. 
  • If can’t we identify bad dog- citizen, but we have an image, we can post a picture of the dog here. 
  • If we can identify a dog as potentially aggressive and have sufficient evidence to support this, we can post here saying, “This dog has been reported to M-NCPPC as having acted in a potentially aggressive manner. If you see this dog in the park during your visit, please act with care.” We can also report the dog in accordance with any other applicable law.
  • If by chance you happen to have recorded an incident on video, we want to make sure you understand that there are applicable laws which may make the taking of that video a criminal act. You should read, Md. Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §§10-401, et seq. If you’re not certain about the law, you should consult with an attorney.