Certificate of Adequacy (ADQ)

The Certificate of Adequacy (ADQ) is a new process that confirms necessary infrastructure will be available to serve the proposed development. A Certificate of Adequacy is reviewed during the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision phase and is certified by the Planning Director prior to Planning Board or Planning Director (as applicable) review of the Preliminary Plan. The request for a Certificate of Adequacy is submitted concurrently with the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision application.

Pre-Application Conference:  Not Required

Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting:  Not Required

Subdivision and Development Review Committee (SDRC):  Not Required

Decision-Making Body: Certificates of Adequacy are decided by the Planning Director.

Fees: No fee

Public Notice Requirement:  None

Estimated Review Time: Certificates of Adequacy are reviewed and issued within 70 days of acceptance.

Application Instructions

Certificates of Adequacy requests are generally filed and reviewed concurrently with and issued before the review of a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision (major or minor). Follow the requirements for Preliminary Plan of Subdivision application submission to file a Certificate of Adequacy request. Fill out this application form and email the PDF and required submission materials to DRDApplications@ppd.mncppc.org.

Important Documents

Application Forms and Filing Instructions

Fee Information

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