Aquatics & Athletic Facilities Division


The Aquatics & Athletic Facilities Division (AAFD) provides recreational sporting opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels.

Responsibilities & Initiatives

The Aquatics and Athletic Facilities Division operates ten aquatic facilities, three multi-sport complexes, four golf courses, three tennis bubbles, two ice rinks, and one clay target shooting facility. 

  • Provides recreational opportunities to patrons of various ages and skill levels
  • Develops and implements programs and activities specific to each sport
  • Offers certified instruction
  • Hosts local, regional, and national competitions and events
  • Offers learn to swim classes to patrons of all ages
  • Provides training and job opportunities
  • Creates partnerships with collegiate and organized sports groups

Manages the following facilities:

  • Allentown Splash, Tennis & Fitness Park
  • Fairland Sports & Aquatics Complex
  • Prince George’s Sports & Learning Complex
  • Rollingcrest-Chillum Splash Pool
  • Theresa Banks Memorial Aquatics Center
  • Southern Area Aquatics & Recreation Complex (Aquatic Facility)
  • Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex (Aquatic Facility)
  • Enterprise Golf Course, Henson Creek Golf Course, Paint Branch Golf Complex
  • Prince George’s County Trap & Skeet Center
  • Cosca Tennis Bubble, Watkins Tennis Bubble
  • Herbert Wells Ice Rink, Tucker Road Ice Rink
  • Seven seasonal pools