GIS and Mapping Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer databases mapped out onto physical space. These systems form the basis for maps, applications, and other digital media. The Placemaking Section has staff dedicated to these systems. Our staff supports projects across the Community Planning Division.

The team uses GIS to:

  • produce maps for analysis and research;
  • conduct data analysis and make visualizations;
  • produce maps, applications, and information for public use;
  • align data from County, state, federal, and local sources;
  • link Placemaking projects to wider Division and Department projects;
  • assist Planners with GIS projects of their own; and
  • conduct research and analysis to test recommendations and project proposals. 

As part of this work, the team also makes 3D visualizations of future projects.

Much of the team's work is for internal use. 

Explore some of the Department's 3D planning projects projects here.

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Mapping Example