Closed Bid Information

Due Date
November 4, 2019
IFB 40-109 Supply and Delivery of Swimsuits and Swim Caps with Logo
Bid Tabulation
November 14, 2019IFB 40-111 Supply and Delivery of Basketball UniformsBid Tabulation
November 18, 2019B39-150/LRT Vehicles, Trucks and EquipmentBid Tabulation
December 30, 2019B40-116 Brookside Nature Center Janitorial ServicesBid Tabulation
January 22, 2020B40-120 Ballfield Maintenance -Montgomery ParksBid Tabulation
May 14, 2020B40-130 Montgomery Parks Growth Covers Bid Tabulation 
May 22, 2020B40-134 Montgomery Parks CNC Machine Bid Tabulation 
May 28,2020B40-142  Planning Department Lakeside Office Janitorial Services Bid Tabulation 
March 10, 2021B41-117 Non-Structural Maintenance of Storm Water Facilities Bid Tabulation
May 10, 2021 B41-121  Supply and Delivery of 10-0-2 Safer Player and Fiesta Turf Weed Killer Bid Tabulation

August 3, 2021B41- 132 College Park Airport Taxiway Rehabilitation and Airfield Lighting Improvements
Bid Tabulation
September 1, 2021B41-144 Henson Creek Golf Course- Bridge ReplacementBid Tabulation
September 23, 2021B42-102 Supply and Delivery of Grass SeedBid Tabulation
September 28, 2021B41-129 Silver Spring Intermediate Neighborhood ParkBid Tabulation
October 04, 2021B42-105 Supply and Delivery of Shelter Columns and Brackets Bid Tabulation

November 19, 2021B41-136 Hillandale Local ParkBid Tabulation
January 10, 2022B42-117 Prince George's Planning Department Handyman and Moving Services Bid Tabulation 
January 21,2022B42-120 Delivery, Rental, and Maintenance of Portable Toilets Bid Tabulation
United Sites Services
Statewide Septic Tank Services
Traffic Engineering Services
G-Services Group LLC
Mortell Industries 
January 21, 2022B42-123 Montgomery County Department of Parks Tree Moving Services Bid Tabulation
March 14, 2022B42-133 Supply and Delivery of Specialized Grass SeedBid Tabulation  
March 16, 2022B42-134 Supply & Delivery of Button Up Dress Shirts and T-Shirts Bid Tabulation
March 25, 2022B42-130 Black Hill Maintenance Facility Solar EquipmentBid Tabulation
March 25, 2022B42-139 Show Place Arena Parking Attendant Services Bid Tabulation 
April 1, 2022B42-141 Aggregate MaterialsBid Tabulation
April 7, 2022B42-117 Supply and Delivery of a Trailer-Mounted StageBid Tabulation
April 19,2022B42-149 Supply and Delivery of Sod Bid Tabulation 
May 6, 2022B42-119 Seneca Landing SP Boat RampBid Tabulation
May 11, 2022B42-151 Darby House Renovation and RehabilitationBid Tabulation
October 11, 2022B42-159 Supply and Delivery of Fiber Playground Surfacing MaterialsBid Tabulation
September  13, 2022B43-105 Commercial Pool Maintenance, Repair, and RenovationBid Tabulation
November 18, 2022B43-113 Black Hill Maintenance Facility Rooftop Solar PV System Installation 1Bid Tabulation 
November 29, 2022B43-116 Montgomery Parks Deer Butchering Services Bid Tabulation
March 28, 2023B43-131 Supply and Delivery of Various Swimsuits Bid Tabulation 
April 05, 2023 B43-133 Supply and Delivery of Commercial Pool Lounge Chairs and Pool Dining Chairs Bid Tabulation 
April 26, 2023B43-134 Supply and Delivery of Custom Embroidered Ultra Club Polo Shirts Bid Tabulation
April 27, 2023 B43-135 Supply and Delivery of Various SodBid Tabulation 
August 28, 2023B44-102 Task Order for Commission Wide Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Maintenance, Inspection, and RepairBid Tabulation