Changing Exhibitions

The College Park Aviation Museum periodically presents changing exhibitions in the smaller side galleries off of the Main Gallery. These exhibits offer visitors a more in-depth exploration of a story line represented in the Main Gallery or depict an aviation theme in a completely different genre such as art, photography, nature and more.

Changing exhibitions are curated and fabricated by museum staff and exhibit shop or in collaboration with community partners. Additionally, they may be traveling exhibits from other museums or institutions. The museum also presents exhibits that are guest curated by area artists, historians or other individuals. Ideas or proposals for guest curated exhibits are welcome and should be submitted to Museum staff takes into account many factors when considering a guest curated exhibit including budget, topic, availability of space and staff, community engagement, and commitment of guest curator or partner organization.

The museum’s permanent exhibits will be undergoing a long-term renovation over the next decade to improve interpretation, accessibility, wayfinding, and interactives as well as the stewardship of artifacts under our care. 

Part of the this plan includes establishing a changing exhibits space that offers more flexibility for light levels, climate control, security and a clear identity within the museum; thus expanding the variety of exhibits the museum can present.