Programs & Activities in the Workplace

The Planning Department sponsors many initiatives that celebrate diversity. Events are hosted to recognize Black History Month, Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, Women's History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), as a whole, sponsors many activities and programs for our communities' senior citizens. There are also diversity workshops and training provided to all department employees to promote greater awareness and strategies to improve cross-cultural communications. These are just some of the things M-NCPPC does to rejoice in our commitment to diversity.

Performance Recognition

We value the contributions of our staff members and recognize their achievements through our performance recognition award programs. Employees can be awarded in the following categories:
  • 20+ Years of Service Award: For staff employed with
  • Community Service Award: Awarded to employees who exemplify the best of volunteerism and who are engaged in direct consequential community service.
  • Cultural Competency Recognition Award: Awarded to employees who participate in the Culture Change Initiative (CCI) or who excel at demonstrating behaviors identified by one or more of the Principles of Cultural Competence.
  • Director's Award: Awarded annually to the employee who demonstrates excellence and makes greatest contribution to the Department.
  • Employee of the Month Award: Selected by the senior management team and presented to the staff member who has made significant contributions in customer service or improving productivity.
  • Job Performance Award: Awarded to employees who excel in leadership, teamwork, customer service, creativity or mentoring/orientation.
  • M-NCPPC for more than 20 years.

World-Class Employer

At the M-NCPPC, we make it our business to be recognized as the best provider of services and as a world-class employer. Having an outstanding workforce that reflects the community we serve is the key to being successful. M-NCPPC recruits highly skilled candidates with strong educational and life experiences as well as diverse talents, creativity, and a clear understanding of our mission to serve the community.

Work / Life Programs

Designed to recognize the whole employee, both at work and outside work. M-NCPPC is proud to be one of the first employers in the state to offer benefits, such as telework, "We Care" Domestic Partners, Child / Eldercare referrals, which allow employees to better balance career and personal goals / responsibilities. Many of our Work/Life components  were designed with input from employees to ensure that they best meet the needs of the workforce. The Work / Life programs have been tremendously popular in-house and garnered the attention of other agencies, which have used our program as models.

New Employee Orientation

Inclusion is a key to recruitment in any thriving organization. With this in mind, the Department has incorporated a segment about the Culture Change Initiative (CCI) into its orientation session for new employees. New employees are also offered a “baseline” training, “CCI Respectful and Inclusive Workplace”. The training is conducted at least once annually to familiarize recently hired employees with key concepts and tools to effectively participate in CCI.

"We Care" Program

The "We Care” program was created to provide a vehicle to support staff during a time of illness or loss. Fundraising events throughout the year keep the fund healthy and help our co-workers know we care about them. Although the most common expression of concern might be a floral arrangement or fruit basket, staff have begun to think more creatively about future expressions of comfort; for example, offering to shovel snow, cut grass or run errands for a colleague in need. The evolution of these acts of generosity demonstrates that even during stressful times, we are committed to help others in need. It speaks volumes about this organization and its people: we do, indeed, care.