Keep it Safe, Keep it With You

Theft Prevention

This new theft prevention campaign approved by Park Police  Chief Stanley Johnson aims to educate citizens on theft prevention measures. Did you know that in the DC Metro Area, cell phone thefts account for 40% of all criminal thefts? Because thefts occur frequently at gyms or other public areas, below is a list of simple, preventive measures:
  • Before you leave home, secure your wallet and cell phone in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Take only what you absolutely need.
  • If you must bring personal items with you, try secure them on you or in a fanny pack.
  • Choose lockers at the end of a row (these can be seen by more people and are less likely to be tampered with).
  • If you use your own lock, make sure it is a quality, durable lock.
  • Be smart! Don't leave your personal items unattended.
  • If your property gets stolen, report it to the police immediately.