Records Management

The Records Management Section provides professional, technical, and/or analytical support to department heads, police officers and other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, as well as the general public. This office is committed to providing courteous and efficient service to law enforcement communities and the public, in accordance with agency guidelines, policies and the laws set forth by the State Of Maryland.


Fine payments and duplication fees may be made in the form of cash, check or money order only. Specified envelopes are available for payments made after hours. A victim of a crime will not be charged.
  • Duplication Fee: $5
  • Maryland Uniform Complaint and Citation (State Traffic Ticket): Not payable at this office
  • Parking Violation Notice: $50
  • Uniform Civil Citation: $50
  • Uniform Criminal Citation: Not payable - Must appear in court


Reports will only be disseminated if proper identification is displayed and all necessary procedures concerning the release of information has been satisfied. Please contact personnel in advance to ensure the report is available.


This agency does not issue "Red Light" or "Photo Enforced" tickets.