Corporate Human Resources

Corporate Human Resources is responsible for the management of agency-wide human resources programs. The Division ensures fair and equitable treatment of all employees and administers a personnel system to create and maintain a diverse, qualified, healthy, and motivated workforce.


The Division develops and administers programs that promote:
  • Affordable, responsive, and attractive benefits and health programs
  • Effective service delivery
  • Employee recognition and compensation that reflect performance
  • Fair employment and equal opportunity


The Division is led by the Human Resources Director. The Human Resources Director provides expert guidance and advice on human resources matters for the agency. The Human Resources Director also provides oversight of all programs and activities relating to employment and working conditions. Services include training coordination, employment for disabled persons, personnel management reviews along with programs carried out by the following cross-functional teams:
  • Classifications and Compensation
  • Employee Health and Benefits
  • Employee Labor and Relations
  • Employee Records/HRIS
  • Recruitment and Selection Services