Vision Service Plan (VSP)

The Vision Service Plan (VSP) has an extensive nationwide network of doctors who agree to provide ophthalmic care and materials to persons covered under the plan. The plan is designed to encourage members to maintain their vision through regular eye examinations and to help with vision care expenses for required glasses or contact lenses.

VSP covers routine eye exams, frames, and lenses or contact lenses in lieu of glasses. Members may use network or non-network opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. Three options are available on a plan year basis, all requiring a $10 in-network co-pay. The plan year begins January 1st.
  • Low Option - An eye exam every plan year and frames, lenses or contact lenses every two plan years.
  • Moderate Option - An eye exam and lenses or contact lenses every plan year and frames every two plan years.
  • High Option - An eye exam, frames and lenses or contact lenses every plan year.  (Enhanced with EasyOptions effective January 1, 2018.)
To find out more about the services provided, go to the VSP Vision Plan website.