Endlessly-Acquaetta Williams

Playin’ to the Edge              

Work by Aqcuaetta Williams

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018-Sat Jan 12, 2019
Public Reception for the Artist, Thursday, November 30, 7-9pm

“Who are those who orchestrate this urban music, who share this daily walk with me. They are faceless, vulnerable and fragile”. Ms. Williams bases her success on reaching her audience of free thinkers; artists and poets. By doing so, she opens a doorway to images that create emotional agitation and excitement. Her collage paintings are engaging in their technique and expression. Ms. Williams presents the viewer with keys to unlock the unconscious mind.

Stepping Lively in Place by Curtis Woody

Mixed Media Collage Quilt Paintings by Curtis Woody

Thursday, Jan 17, 2019-Sat, March 16, 2019
Public Reception for the Artist, Thursday, January 24, 7-9pm

Curtis Woody is a mixed media collage painter, who draws inspiration from historical connection points that join together individuals, families, generations, and communities. He creates highly textured and intricately detailed original art pieces that are intended to breathe new life into and enhance the unique characteristics of a common historical heritage. Life is a circle and he takes pleasure in salvaging the old to create something new, asking the viewer to recognize the past while appreciating the here and now. His paintings are research-based collages and he uses an assortment of found objects, old books, aged photographs, buttons, letters, vintage newspapers and rusty metal combined with an assortment of artistic mediums.

01_hurley_love and dance

Still Life to Portraiture

Work By Arnold Hurley

Thursday, March 21-Sat, June 1
Public Reception for the Artist, Thursday, March 28, 7-9pm

Mr. Hurley’s approach to painting involves a realistic or representational style and his works vary from still life drawings to portraiture. He has earned more than 40 awards for his oil, watercolor and pastel paintings and his pencil drawings. Mr. Hurley paints every day and follows this precept:  “Never forget the basics—they will serve as the foundation throughout your creative life.  Challenge yourself, and remember your art will change and grow.  And always draw, draw and draw some more”.

Charles Reiher


 Work By Charles Reiher

Thursday, June 6-Saturday, August 3
Public Reception for the Artist, Thursday, June 13, 7-9pm

Charles Reiher’s focus is on color and movement. He often liquefies and pours the acrylic, which helps to create movement and allows nature to participate in the painting process by deciding where the paints will flow and how they will mix together. Many of the pieces incorporate gesso, molding paste and sand to give a three-dimensional feel to the paintings. Most of his paintings are so full of color and movement that they seem to embody the hectic, 24-7 connectivity of the 21st century while providing a sense of pleasantness and hope that we can survive and even enjoy the frenetic pace at which we live.